[Orca-users] Re: Where did houlry intervals go?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Apr 23 11:13:11 PDT 2002

Michael O'Dea wrote:
> I just installed the latest orca on a solaris machine, (orca 0.27b2) and copied my .cfg file over from my current orca host, where graphs were being written every 5 minutes (Hourly graphs) When I started the new orca install with this exact config file, it didn't write hourly graphs any longer...
> I took at look at the latest orcallator.cfg-1.32.txt blair has up, and saw this:
> # These parameters specify which plots to generate.
> generate_hourly_plot      0
> generate_daily_plot      1
> generate_weekly_plot      1
> generate_monthly_plot      1
> generate_quarterly_plot      1
> generate_yearly_plot      1
> This was not in my older running 0.27 install, but it was generating hourly graphs w/o fail.
> I added that to my new .cfg, set the generate_hourly_plot to 1 and restarted orca, only to have it bomb claiming it couldn't use those directives. My current install where I grabbed the .cfg from is 0.27.

Can you run orca with -v and email the exact complete output are you getting.


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