[Orca-users] FW: about logline

???? Keiko_Yoshikawa at cssd.mei.co.jp
Sun Jan 6 22:52:03 PST 2002

Dear Zajac

Sorry, I have a mistake the last part of last mail.
So, I'll send this again.

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Dear Zajac

I really apriciate your nice advice.
And now I want to ask you what the next mean;

>The orcallator.se reads the   access_log files
>generated by Apache or any other web server.

After I got your responce mail, I checked my apache log files again.
And I could find access logs that generated by Orca, and the error_log do.

But I wonder why they (apache log files) could record the logs that
generated by Orca,
nevertheless, I have set the wrong file for log in start_orcallator.

Does it have a mean setting the log file in start_orcallator?

>Update start_orcallator to use a log file generated by Apache.

Can I see that part you would say that start_orcallator watchs the last log
or something
in access_log  which is a file controlled by apache, and ....

What's going on ??

I want to know about what's going on Orca using access_log data.

Thank you.


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