[Orca-users] Re: about logline

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Mon Jan 7 10:45:39 PST 2002

> ???? wrote:
> Dear Zajac
> I really apriciate your nice advice.
> And now I want to ask you what the next mean;
> >The orcallator.se reads the   access_log files
> >generated by Apache or any other web server.
> After I got your responce mail, I checked my apache log files again.
> And I could find access logs that generated by Orca, and the error_log do.

You mean the access logs generated by Apache, right?

Here's how the various logs are read and written to:

	Apache/Netscape/etc -> writes to access_log

	orcallator.se       <- reads access_log
	                    -> writes orcallator-YYYY-MM-DD logs

	Orca   		    <- reads orcallator-YYYY-MM-DD logs
                            -> writes HTML and PNG/GIF image files

> But I wonder why they (apache log files) could record the logs that generated
> by Orca,
> nevertheless, I have set the wrong file for log in start_orcallator.

No, Apache doesn't read orcallator.se's logs, orcallator.se reads Apaches


> Does it have a mean setting the log file in start_orcallator?
> >Update start_orcallator to use a log file generated by Apache.
> Can I see that you would say that start_orcallator watch the last log or
> something
> in access_log generated by apache, and ....
> What's going on ??
> I want to know about what's going on with access_log data.

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