[Orca-users] Re: configure file: with-TYPE-log ?

nikitelli n.kraus at 3beg.at
Thu Jan 10 23:41:33 PST 2002

--- In orca-users at y..., Blair Zajac <blair at o...> wrote:
> nikitelli wrote:
> >
> > Hi,
> >
> > if I install and run 'configure' can some pls. tell me what
> >
> > with-TYPE-log=LOG_LOCATION
> >
> > stands for?
> > In my case I have no Web/Proxy-Server, just an Application server
> > running on Solaris.
> This option tells the configure script which type of web access
logs are
> generated.  If you don't have any web logs, you can ignore that
> I've never heard of a application server not having a web server.
> application server are you using?
> Best,
> Blair
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> Blair Zajac <blair at o...>
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thanks for your reply Blair.

In my case I have 2 Sun Servers:
one is an application server for Internet Banking (backend, Sun E6500)
which is served by a webserver (frontend, Sun E450). So actually I
would also install orcallator on the frontend where the Netscape
Suitespot logfiles reside.

But I also see postings to install orca just on one host and gather
the data with scp etc. from other hosts. Maybe this could be also a
solution for me, I mean to circumnavigate 2 individual orcallator
installations on 2 servers.

Again: if I continue to install orcallator on a webserver what would I
have to choose?

configure --with-ncsa-logfile=<file/path-of-webserver-logfile>
          --with-TYPE-log=??  <--here I should also enter

Sorry for posting this simple question..

BTW: is it possible to deal with 3 different webserver logfiles as I
setup 3 virtual webservers on one machine?

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