[Orca-users] Re: configure file: with-TYPE-log ?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sat Jan 19 17:45:38 PST 2002

nikitelli wrote:
> thanks for your reply Blair.
> In my case I have 2 Sun Servers:
> one is an application server for Internet Banking (backend, Sun E6500)
> which is served by a webserver (frontend, Sun E450). So actually I
> would also install orcallator on the frontend where the Netscape
> Suitespot logfiles reside.
> But I also see postings to install orca just on one host and gather
> the data with scp etc. from other hosts. Maybe this could be also a
> solution for me, I mean to circumnavigate 2 individual orcallator
> installations on 2 servers.

Each server needs to run orcallator.se.  Where orcallator.se is located
doesn't really matter.  You can NFS mount it, etc.  But in your case,
for security you may want to run it locally to avoid NFS.

> Again: if I continue to install orcallator on a webserver what would I
> have to choose?
> configure --with-ncsa-logfile=<file/path-of-webserver-logfile>
>           --with-TYPE-log=??  <--here I should also enter

You would use --with-ncsa-logfile=<file/path-of-webserver-logfile>.  You
can only use one log file format.

> Sorry for posting this simple question..
> BTW: is it possible to deal with 3 different webserver logfiles as I
> setup 3 virtual webservers on one machine?

You'll have to run a separate orcallator.se for each separate log file you
have.  This is an unfortunate bug in orcallator.se.

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