[Orca-users] RE: Collisions

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Jan 16 09:05:15 PST 2002

     Thanks, Blair.

     Well, now I'm checking the orcallator.se file to make the last problem
     It' right way, isn't it?
     I tried to search the key words "collision"or"interface"in this file, there
      seemed no much phrase that I want to find.

The way to do this is to start with orcallator.cfg, look for Collisions in
there and use the regular expression that orcallator.cfg uses to find the
proper columns from the percol-XXXX-YY-ZZ files.  Use that string and search
for it in orcallator.se and finally look for the code in SE's files to see
how it's calculated.

So Collisions has this regular expression in orcallator.cfg: (.*\d+)Coll%

Coll is in this line in orcallator.se:

    put_output(sprintf("%5sColl%%", tmp_lr_net.names[i]),
               sprintf("%10.3f", GLOBAL_net[i].collpercent));

Finally, you'll need to search for GLOBAL_net in the SE files in
/opt/RICHPse/include and look for the collpercent value to see how it is

     Well, anyway...

     Now, I face to another question.
     In these graphs made from Orca, we have some plots about NFS v2, v3.
     I have been trying to know about NFSv2.v3., but there is few documents
     good for me.

I would search Google.

     What is NFSv2,v3.
     I know NFS.
     Is it just the version?

NFS v2 is the original version that came with Sun and v3 supports
additional features.

     If so, I can't get it that different version of NFS are in one system.

     Because I installed SEtool & Orca system into a server which in test
     environment.  I can't see the plots now yet.

What is happening here?

     Well, I hope you bring me good responce.




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       It would take a little time to figure out that I don't have.

       If you could take a look at orcallator.se, see what it uses to get the 
       from the SE files (which are human readable) and determine what's going
       would appreciate it.  Also, if you could write up a better explanation of 
       of collisions for that web page, that would be great.


       "Keiko.Y" wrote:

       >  Hello! Blair!I knew these URL-docs and I read these, but I couldn't
       > could understand the meaning of Collision owe these docs though.Well,
       > by percent so, I expect it calculates like this"the numbers of
       > happened / Something"in a meantime.All I want to know now is this
       > "Something". If you wrote this in somewhere, I really sorry for you. 
       > anyway!
       > SincerelyKeiko.Y
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       >      > "Keiko.Y" wrote:
       >      >
       >      > Hi, Blair!
       >      >
       >      > Well, please tell me about Collision data.
       >      > Now I want to know how to calculate Collision,
       >      >
       >      > I can see the data which type in Percent.
       >      > What on the earth this percent-data show?
       >      >
       >      > Sincerely
       >      >
       >      > Keiko. Y
       >      Keiko,
       >      Check out the page
       >          http://www.orcaware.com/orca/docs/orcallator.html
       >      In particular, check out
       >      for the Collision data.
       >      The other way to see what is going on is to look at orcallator.se
       >      and
       >      find the phrase for the name of the column that contains the data.
       >      Best,
       >      Blair

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