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Keiko.Y Keiko_Yoshikawa at cssd.mei.co.jp
Tue Jan 15 23:51:28 PST 2002

Than, Blair.

Well, now I'm checking the orcallator.se file to make the last problem
It' right way, isn't it?
I tried to search the key words "collision"or"interface"in this file, there
 seemed no much phrase that I want to find.

Well, anyway...

Now, I face to another question.
In these graphs made from Orca, we have some plots about NFS v2, v3.
I have been trying to know about NFSv2.v3., but there is few documents good
for me.

What is NFSv2,v3.
I know NFS.
Is it just the version?
If so, I can't get it that different version of NFS are in one system.

Because I installed SEtool & Orca system into a server which in test
I can't see the plots now yet.

Well, I hope you bring me good responce.


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  It would take a little time to figure out that I don't have.

  If you could take a look at orcallator.se, see what it uses to get the
  from the SE files (which are human readable) and determine what's going
on, I
  would appreciate it.  Also, if you could write up a better explanation of
  of collisions for that web page, that would be great.


  "Keiko.Y" wrote:

  >  Hello! Blair!I knew these URL-docs and I read these, but I couldn't get
  > could understand the meaning of Collision owe these docs though.Well, it
  > by percent so, I expect it calculates like this"the numbers of Collision
  > happened / Something"in a meantime.All I want to know now is this
  > "Something". If you wrote this in somewhere, I really sorry for you.
  > anyway!
  > SincerelyKeiko.Y
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  >      > "Keiko.Y" wrote:
  >      >
  >      > Hi, Blair!
  >      >
  >      > Well, please tell me about Collision data.
  >      > Now I want to know how to calculate Collision,
  >      >
  >      > I can see the data which type in Percent.
  >      > What on the earth this percent-data show?
  >      >
  >      > Sincerely
  >      >
  >      > Keiko. Y
  >      Keiko,
  >      Check out the page
  >          http://www.orcaware.com/orca/docs/orcallator.html
  >      In particular, check out
  >      for the Collision data.
  >      The other way to see what is going on is to look at orcallator.se
  >      and
  >      find the phrase for the name of the column that contains the data.
  >      Best,
  >      Blair

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