[Orca-users] Re: problem obtaining correct plots from oracle database data

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Wed Jan 16 13:54:10 PST 2002


   Would you mind telling us what your DBA's are using to generate this
data file. ?.

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I am running the latest versions of the se toolkit and orca on a Sun
E4800 server.  I am receiving a data file from the DBA's containing
database stats as listed below.  I want to plot, for instance, the
HR*/db_rbsNN_wait_ratio so that I get a separate plot for each database
(HR11A and HR12A) with each plot containing all of the
db_rbsNN_wait_ratio values for the database.  I have enclosed the code I
am using to generate the plot (below the datafile extract).

Until today I have only been receiving data for a single database
instance, and the plots have been fine.  Now that I am receiving 2
databases data I do not see a separate plot for each database, nor do I
see both databases listed on a single plot.

Can you please help by pointing me in the right direction of the code


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