[Orca-users] Re: FW: About Installing to Proxy

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Jan 17 22:44:15 PST 2002

"Keiko.Y" wrote:
     Sorry. I misspelled. So I resend.

          Morning, Blair!

          Well, you know now I'm trying to work orca in test surrounds,
          because I told before.

          I'll tell you what the final purpose is. 
          I want to check the load of Proxy server by remote.
          And , I have been trying to stock the knowledge about orca with 
          working orca in a test server.
          Now, I'm supposed to install orca & Stool to real Proxy sever.
          But there are some problems since I have some limitations, 
          followings are that;

          1 This server has no compiler soft, I mean no gcc , and  not allow
          to install something like that in this server.

This is not required to install the software.  You just need to build it
elsewhere.  Which OS version do you have on your test and proxy server?

          2 This server has no gunzip and not allow to install it server.

Having gzip on the proxy would make life easier, but you don't need it.

          3 The directory we use, should be the only /opt/RICHPse/.

If you can then, install everything into here.  You may want to build a
Perl that installsinto /opt/RICHPse/.

            Under these limitations, My trial process are the following.

            1 I did download Orca-0.27b2.tar.gz at the directory "/home/test" 
            in another sever that installed gzip and gcc  (I'll call Server B
            from  now).

            2 Used gunzip and tar command, I melt the file on the directory.

            3 Moved current-directory to "orca-0.27b2/packages"that were
              created  when the process 1.
            4 Installed the 5 perl-modules using files in this directory 
              because the INSTALL said were needed to install orca.
              Done like that(EXCEPT rrdtool) ; 
             a 1cd XXX(Digestxxx or Mathxxx or Storablexx)
             a 2perl Makefile.PL
             a 3make
             a 4make install
          when rrdtool, done like that when my first trial;
             b 1cd rrdtool-xxx
             b 2sh configure --verbose
             b 3make site-perl-install
             b 4cd perl-shared
             b 5make test
             b 6make install
          5Moved back current-directory to"orca-0.27b2"
          6Done configuration like this
          7Used "make",done compiling, and done"make test"also, 
          8Move bake current-directory to"test"
          9Done "tar cfv orca-0.27b2.tar orca-0.27b2
          10Transfer"orca-0.27b2.tar" to /home/test in the real server
          by ftp.
          11Used tar, melt "orca-0.27b2.tar"
          12Moved current-directory to "orca-0.27b2"
          13Done "make install".

Is Perl on the proxy server?  All of the Storable, RRD and other modules
get installed into Perl, which looks like its at /usr/local/lib/perl5.

          It seemed done smoothly, but when I tried to work orca by
          "/opt/ RICHPse/orca/bin/orca -v /opt/RICHPse/orca/lib/or-
          callator.cfg ", I got error that said there's no Command nevertheless
          there was binary file named "orca" in /opt/ RICHPse/orca/bin/.

This looks like that the Perl that /opt/RICHPse/orca/bin/orca uses is not
installed on this system that you ran it on.

          First I thought it might have something wrong with rrdtool installing
          way. so, I also retried process-4b like this;
          Done process-1to 9 except 4b3,b4,b5&b6 at the server B and
          done 11 to 13 at real server. 
          It needless to say but While I done 11 to 13, I did try also the
          following process after moved current-directory to "rrdtoolxxx"

             b 3make site-perl-install
             b 4cd perl-shared
             b 5make test
             b 6make install

          But the result the things were getting worse, when I did b3 this
          time, I got error;
          $make site-perl-install
          cd perl-piped && make install
       make: Fatal error: Don't know how to make target
       Current working directory
       *** Error code 1
       make: Fatal error: Command failed for target `site-perl-install'

          Well, I 'd like to show me the direction, and save me!!!

Yes, it looks like you don't have Perl in the right places.  You may
want to install a Perl specifically for Orca.  I would download this


and install it into /opt/RICHPse

Also, what operating system version do you run on your test and production
(proxy) system?

The typical way you would do this is to get everything you need on the
test system in /opt/RICHPse as you want it and then just copy the tar
over.  I would also install gzip (or better yet bzip2) in there so that
orcallator.se can use it.


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