[Orca-users] Re: input record ... too long

Rusty Carruth rcarruth at Tempe.ate.slb.com
Fri Jan 18 06:59:02 PST 2002

"nikitelli" <n.kraus at 3beg.at> wrote:
> Hi,
> due to the ongoing problem I had since yesterday - because I got
> always:
> Warning: file `.../orcallator/host1/orcallator-2001-11-06-000'
>        did exist and is now gone
> and I wasn't been able to solve it (I'm a little bit unhappy about it
> I have to admit, I also read the FAQ), I made a new orcallator
> installation. Since I collected data only since 1 day that's no
> problem .
> Anyhow, although I removed completely /var/orca and /opt/orca I get
> after  the first activation of
> # /bin/start_orcallator
> /bin/nawk: input record `root    4383  0.0 ...' too long
>  input record number 121
>  source line number 1
> ...
> After a few minutes I also started orca and now I can see perfect
> graphs.
> But this message above: should I be concerned about it?

Only if you REALLY want to have the information from the line
that was too long, as I believe Nawk will drop overly-long

>  And where does this come from since I deleted all files?

my guess is that either you missed an rrd file, or something is dumping
a single long line.  If you could figure out which file has that
line in it and see if you can tell anything by looking at it, maybe
that would answer both questions...  (That is: How, and do I care)

Since its from orcallator, it sounds like the input to orcallator
is too big (at line 121)....  I'd start looking at 'whoever'
creates the input for orcallator.

This is probably not much help, sorry!  


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