[Orca-users] input record ... too long

nikitelli n.kraus at 3beg.at
Fri Jan 18 01:08:28 PST 2002


due to the ongoing problem I had since yesterday - because I got

Warning: file `.../orcallator/host1/orcallator-2001-11-06-000'
       did exist and is now gone

and I wasn't been able to solve it (I'm a little bit unhappy about it
I have to admit, I also read the FAQ), I made a new orcallator
installation. Since I collected data only since 1 day that's no
problem .

Anyhow, although I removed completely /var/orca and /opt/orca I get
after  the first activation of
# /bin/start_orcallator

/bin/nawk: input record `root    4383  0.0 ...' too long
input record number 121
source line number 1
Writing data into /var/orca/orcallator/brokerage1/
Creating /var/orca/orcallator/brokerage1/
Starting logging
Sending output to nohup.out

After a few minutes I also started orca and now I can see perfect
But this message above: should I be concerned about it? And where does
this come from since I deleted all files?


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