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Niesz, Russell (OTS-EDH) russell_niesz at youraccounts.com
Mon Jan 21 13:31:15 PST 2002

I would like to view the daily graphs for "memory page scan rate" for the
last couple of weeks. Does anybody know how to do this.
Thanks in advance,

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dotted_i wrote:
> I admit that i don't understand how orca and orcallator.se fully work
> yet so please don't flame me for asking this question:
> is it possible to have smaller increments of time represented on the
> graph ? currently each box represents an hour (guessing) and i would
> like to have orca display info that gets updated to the minute. i
> know certain items are 5/10/15 min running averages but things like
> memory and swap space it would be helpful for me during stress tests
> of the system if i could see a more exact picture of what's going on.

1) You'll need to modify the beginning of the file lib/Orca/Constants.pm.
   The variables to modify are: @RRA_PLOT_TYPES, @RRA_PDP_COUNTS,
   I would really read the RRD manual page to see how RRD works.

2) Edit orcallator.cfg to change the interval here.

3) Finally, you'll need to edit start_orcallator and change

   nohup $SE $SE_PATCHES -DWATCH_OS $WATCH_WEB $libdir/orcallator.se &


   nohup $SE $SE_PATCHES -DWATCH_OS $WATCH_WEB $libdir/orcallator.se XXX &

   where XXX is your new measurement interval.

4) After you make these changes, you'll need to stop Orca, delete all of
   the RRD files, and restart Orca.

> how often are the graphs updated currently ?

The graphs are updated every 5 minutes if you leave Orca running
continously.  Running Orca from cron obvious updates the graphs as often
as Orca is run.


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