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Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Mon Jan 21 18:09:07 PST 2002

> "Niesz, Russell (OTS-EDH)" wrote:
> I would like to view the daily graphs for "memory page scan rate" for the last
> couple of weeks. Does anybody know how to do this.
> Thanks in advance,
> Russ


The way the RRD files work is to progressively average many older data points
into fewer points, so you loose resolution over time.  The default RRD settings
in Orca are this (from lib/Orca/Constants.pm):

# The first RRA is every 5 minutes for 200 hours, the second is every
# 30 minutes for 31 days, the third is every 2 hours for 100 days, and
# the last is every day for 3 years.

If 30 minute data is fine for you, then you could do this several ways:

1) Write a small Perl script that repeatedly creates PNGs for the single
   RRD file you have and set different start and stop times so that you
   end up with a series of one day plots.

2) Delete all of your RRD files, move your orcallator- or percol- files
   into another directory and day by day, move them back where Orca looks
   for them, run Orca once with -o, and make copies of the entire generated
   HTML directory that Orca creates.

For future use, you may want to set up a cron job that makes a copy of the
entire HTML directory generated by Orca so you can see the more detailed


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