[Orca-users] About how to make PNG

Keiko.Y Keiko_Yoshikawa at cssd.mei.co.jp
Mon Jan 21 18:00:33 PST 2002

Hi, Blair

I write again, sooner than I expected (^^ゞ

Well, today I want to know how orca make PNGs.
I saw orcallator.cfg, and there were lots of list that
seemed to related with making PNG;
>plot {
>title                   %g Average # Processes in Run Queue (Load Average)
>source                  orcallator
>data                    1runq
>data                    5runq
>data                    15runq
>legend                  1 minute average
>legend                  5 minute average
>legend                  15 minute average
>y_legend                Number Processes
>data_min                0
>data_max                1000

Now, I can see all data in the graphs, I mean the axis is adjusted well.
I wonder the axis-setting always be nice by orca, or sometimes it should be
by myself? (This case the data aren't percentage ones.)

If I should do, how I can do that??

Thank you all the way.


Keiko. Y

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