[Orca-users] Round robin archive?

Richard Brackett rbrackett at dsm.net
Wed Jan 23 14:02:16 PST 2002

I'm attempting to run Orca for the first time and when I execute it I get
the following output:
onoc-netflow01:/usr/local/orca # /usr/local/bin/orca -once orca.conf
/usr/local/bin/orca: making directory `/usr/local/orca/rrd/wizard'.
/usr/local/bin/orca: RRDs::create error:
`/usr/local/orca/rrd/wizard/absolute_GB.rrd' you must define at least one
Round Robin Archive
Orca has completed.
I don't see any mention of a round robin archive in any of the docs. 
Can someone point me to something I can solve this with?

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