[Orca-users] RE: Apache access_log is a symbolic link

dtitzer at servicebench.com dtitzer at servicebench.com
Thu Jan 31 03:34:37 PST 2002

The "cronolog" utility is configured into the Apache config file as a piped
command instead of a path to the log file. The cronolog utility watches the
size of the log file, the date/time, etc., and rolls over to a new file.
Before, it was necessary to kill Apache, move the log, then restart it. 
Cronolog is a more elegant solution, but it breaks orcallator.se's file
watching. I was able to fix the problem temporarily by restarting
orcallator, but unless cronolog is configured to roll over by date and time
at a particular time (and uses file size instead), I'll be unable to
schedule an orcallator restart to continue capturing log information when
the symbolic link target changes.

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Hi, David
Well, If I took your problem mean you wanted to set an access_log file that
had been set symbolic link. 
Is that right?
I don't know how to solve in this case exactly, but how about setting a 
path that you had set for symbolic link.
I mean, like following sample;
If you have set log file:
And also you had set symbolic link:
/usr/local/ -> /home1/hoge/
then, I recommend you to try now is (in start_orcallator)
log file /home1/hoge/apache/access_log
If you had tried this already, I'm sorry.
But I hope you can do it!

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Subject: [orca-users] Apache access_log is a symbolic link

In an effort to roll over Apache logs, my colleague here installed and
configured "cronolog." Now, I'm not able to get orcallator.se to see those
log files. My graphs don't generate properly, and I'm guessing it has
something to do with the symbolic link. Is there some way around this?


David A. Titzer
Systems Administrator
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