[Orca-users] Re: procollator nfs information lost!

Matthew Boeckman matthewb at saepio.com
Tue Jun 4 11:23:59 PDT 2002

Well I've got a bit more information. It appears that procallator.pl
(http://www.lug.udel.edu/orca/) is using maybe an older format for
orcallator.se. My current working orca plots NFS info comes in the form of :
nfs_call/s nfs_timo/s nfs_badx/s nfs_calls nfss_bad v2reads etc
the procallator script is dumping the following:

nfs_c_rpc_calls nfs_c_rpc_retrs nfs_c_rpc_auth nfs_c_p2_getattr nf
s_c_p2_setattr nfs_c_p2_root nfs_c_p2_lookup nfs_c_p2_readlink
nfs_c_p2_read nfs
_c_p2_wrcache nfs_c_p2_write nfs_c_p2_create nfs_c_p2_remove
nfs_c_p2_rename nfs
_c_p2_link nfs_c_p2_symlink nfs_c_p2_mkdir nfs_c_p2_rmdir
nfs_c_p2_readdir nfs_c
_p2_fsstat nfs_c_p3_getattr nfs_c_p3_setattr nfs_c_p3_lookup
nfs_c_p3_access nfs
_c_p3_readlink nfs_c_p3_read nfs_c_p3_write nfs_c_p3_create
nfs_c_p3_mkdir nfs_c
_p3_symlink nfs_c_p3_mknod nfs_c_p3_remove nfs_c_p3_rmdir
nfs_c_p3_rename nfs_c_
p3_link nfs_c_p3_readdir nfs_c_p3_readdirplus nfs_c_p3_fsstat
nfs_c_p3_fsinfo nf
s_c_p3_pathconf nfs_c_p3_commit

Which I assume is the source of the problem. I've dug through the
orcaware.com archive of different orcallator.se versions, and can't find
one that supports this format. Was this a hack by the fella that wrote
procallator, or just a REALLY old orcallator.se configuration? I've
emailed the maintainer of procallator as well, with no response yet.

Assuming the former, anyone have an idea as to how I can emulate this in
my current orcallator.se file? Or (Blair?) is anyone actively working on
support for this otherwise HANDY orca plugin?

Matthew Boeckman wrote:
> I just started playing with the procallator.pl script for gathering orca
> data from linux boxes. Everything is working fine, and I'm getting PNG's
> for PROC/CPU/spawnrate/webserver procs/disk reads and writes, but I'm
> not getting any of the NFS stats! the procallator.pl script appears to
> be getting the info from the right place, but nothing is showing up in
> my graphs. I'm not a perlmonger, and haven't been able to figure out
> why. Anyone out there have suggestions/more experience with procallator?
> Thanks!

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