[Orca-users] Re: procollator nfs information lost!

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Jun 4 12:10:34 PDT 2002

Matthew Boeckman wrote:
> Well I've got a bit more information. It appears that procallator.pl
> (http://www.lug.udel.edu/orca/) is using maybe an older format for
> orcallator.se. My current working orca plots NFS info comes in the form of :
> nfs_call/s nfs_timo/s nfs_badx/s nfs_calls nfss_bad v2reads etc
> the procallator script is dumping the following:
> nfs_c_rpc_calls nfs_c_rpc_retrs nfs_c_rpc_auth nfs_c_p2_getattr nf
> s_c_p2_setattr nfs_c_p2_root nfs_c_p2_lookup nfs_c_p2_readlink
> nfs_c_p2_read nfs
> _c_p2_wrcache nfs_c_p2_write nfs_c_p2_create nfs_c_p2_remove
> nfs_c_p2_rename nfs
> _c_p2_link nfs_c_p2_symlink nfs_c_p2_mkdir nfs_c_p2_rmdir
> nfs_c_p2_readdir nfs_c
> _p2_fsstat nfs_c_p3_getattr nfs_c_p3_setattr nfs_c_p3_lookup
> nfs_c_p3_access nfs
> _c_p3_readlink nfs_c_p3_read nfs_c_p3_write nfs_c_p3_create
> nfs_c_p3_mkdir nfs_c
> _p3_symlink nfs_c_p3_mknod nfs_c_p3_remove nfs_c_p3_rmdir
> nfs_c_p3_rename nfs_c_
> p3_link nfs_c_p3_readdir nfs_c_p3_readdirplus nfs_c_p3_fsstat
> nfs_c_p3_fsinfo nf
> s_c_p3_pathconf nfs_c_p3_commit
> Which I assume is the source of the problem. I've dug through the
> orcaware.com archive of different orcallator.se versions, and can't find
> one that supports this format. Was this a hack by the fella that wrote
> procallator, or just a REALLY old orcallator.se configuration? I've
> emailed the maintainer of procallator as well, with no response yet.
> Assuming the former, anyone have an idea as to how I can emulate this in
> my current orcallator.se file? Or (Blair?) is anyone actively working on
> support for this otherwise HANDY orca plugin?

Nobody is actively working on this, but it shouldn't be harder than
modifying either procollator's column names output to match the Orca
configuration file or change the configuration file to match
procollator's output column names.  I'd prefer the first to keep the
data consistent between operating systems.

Let me know what you find out.


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
Web and OS performance plots - http://www.orcaware.com/orca/

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