[Orca-users] Re: Remove Data Files?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Wed Jun 12 15:30:40 PDT 2002

> "Janowiak, Ed" wrote:
> Is there any way to remove the compressed 'bz2' data files yet
> still have the trend charts show historical data for a year? I had
> thought that once Orca had percolated the data into RRD that the
> initial files with 'bz2' extensions could be removed, but this doesn't
> seem to be the case.
> Thanks.

You CAN remove them and Orca and RRD will continue to run just fine.

You just may run into problems later.  From the FAQ:

 3.16) Why should I keep my compressed percol-* or orcallator-* files?

       There are several reasons to keep the data files:

       1) If the RRD files get screwed up, you'll be able to
          regenerate them.

       2) If Orca ever needs to change the internal format of the RRD
          files, it'll need to regenerate them.

       3) If you ever want to look at older data in the RRD files, the
          older data has less resolution.  For example, if you want to
          look at data, say 6 months old, in the RRD files, it is
          averaged over a whole day.  You won't be able to get the 5
          minute data generated by orcallator.se.

          Here's the resolution of the data in the RRD files (here
          RRA is Round Robin Archive and there can be many in one RRD
          file) as defined in lib/Orca/Constants.pm

          # The first RRA is every 5 minutes for 200 hours, the second
          # is every 30 minutes for 31 days, the third is every 2
          # hours for 100 days, and the last is every day for 3 years.


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