[Orca-users] Orca date collections

Steven Olson steveo at lsil.com
Thu Jun 13 09:24:53 PDT 2002

We're trying to average the number of NaN's per total # entries
for system uptimes to determine overall up/downtime percentages
but need consistent increments for the entire periods we're
trying to graph.

When fetching data from the 1 minute runq rrd files, using a start
date of end-1day, the timestamps are every 5 minutes.  Start date
of end-1month, timestamps are now every half hour; start date of
end-1year, timestamps are once a day.  All per FAQ.

My newbie questions are:  does the "once every 5 minute" data still
exist in the rrd going back to epoch, and if so, how does one
extract it using fetch?  If not, are the rrd's getting regenerated
once per day to change the number of datapoints?  Any help, thanks.

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