[Orca-users] Re: How can I regenerate my graphs when orca wasn't running for a while?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Jun 13 10:55:50 PDT 2002

eds94055 wrote:
> --- In orca-users at y..., Blair Zajac <blair at o...> wrote:
> > How do you copy your data files to the server that runs Orca?  This
> > could be very important in explaining why your plots are not being
> > updated.
> cp -pr

I'm not certain how cp -pr treats the files and Orca may miss that
there's new data there.

How often do you run the cp -rp?

Try adding the line

reopen	1

to the group orcallator { } section and see if this helps.  This
tells Orca to reopen the file anytime it wants to read the data
from it.

Can you send one of your PNGs or GIFs showing how the data is

> > You mean that after loading the first 1 day of data, the plots are
> > empty, but any newer data shows up the plots contain the data?
> >
> yes
> > You are using a newer version of RRDs (1.0.37) which I haven't
> > verified to work with Orca.  You may want to try backing down to
> > 1.0.33 which comes with Orca.
> same problems; regenarating gives empty graphs ...
> >Did you check the input data files to make sure that all the data
> > is there?
> All the data is there. Daily at 0.00 AM I begin a new data-file which
> give me this warnung-message "/opt/orca/bin/orca: warning: file
> `/opt/orca/vlsi/LOG/2002/Jun/chimay/chimay_2002-06-09' was current
> and now is not. Loading new data from group vlsi for cristal."
> But I can't imagine that this should be the reason of my empty
> graphs ...

Right, this shouldn't cause any problems.


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