[Orca-users] Ultra III systems and orcallator/SE

Steve Gilbert gilbert at 8020softwaretools.com
Mon Jun 24 14:12:41 PDT 2002

Is anyone else running orcallator on Ultra III systems such
as the Sun Fire 6800?

Here is what we have:

Sun Fire 6800
Solaris 8
16 CPUs and 64 GB memory
latest Recommended Patch Cluster
SE Toolkit 3.2.1
orcallator.se 1.32

...I installed orcallator on these things about a month ago, and
ever since then they have been crashing with some regularity.  We
are getting AFSR errors and other memory-related panics.  The memory
has been replaced, and Sun service seems to be stumped.  The only
thing that we have changed on the boxes is the orcallator installation,
so now my cronies are looking at me with raised eyebrows.  I know as
soon as I mention this to Sun service, they will blame it all on us
using open source software.  Personally, I don't see how on earth
anything with orcallator or SE could be causing this, but thought it
would be prudent to ask here if anyone else has seen problems on this
platform.  Thanks.

Steve Gilbert
gilbert at 8020softwaretools.com

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