[Orca-users] Re: Ultra III systems and orcallator/SE

Eric Wagar ewagar at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 24 15:37:29 PDT 2002

> >Is anyone else running orcallator on Ultra III
> systems such
> >as the Sun Fire 6800?
> >
> >Here is what we have:
> >
> >Sun Fire 6800
> >Solaris 8
> >16 CPUs and 64 GB memory
> >latest Recommended Patch Cluster
> >SE Toolkit 3.2.1
> >orcallator.se 1.32
> >
> >...I installed orcallator on these things about a
> month ago, and
> >ever since then they have been crashing with some
> regularity.  We
> >are getting AFSR errors and other memory-related
> panics.  The memory
> >has been replaced, and Sun service seems to be
> stumped.  The only
> >thing that we have changed on the boxes is the
> orcallator installation,
> >so now my cronies are looking at me with raised
> eyebrows.  I know as
> >soon as I mention this to Sun service, they will
> blame it all on us
> >using open source software.  Personally, I don't
> see how on earth
> >anything with orcallator or SE could be causing
> this, but thought it
> >would be prudent to ask here if anyone else has
> seen problems on this
> >platform.  Thanks.
> We have one SunFire 3800 running orca since Nov.
> 2001.  It hasn't had
> any problems whatsoever.  If SUN or your colleagues
> look at orca, they're
> looking in the wrong place.  SUN needs to look more
> carefully at the
> hardware (in my opinion) if you're getting AFSR
> errors.  We've had
> instances on where it "looks" like memory but ended
> up being CPU issues
> on older machines.
> -Norm

I'm only running orca on one box, a Sun Netra T1.

But, in my experience, do not let Sun Service even try
walking over you.  If Sun pushes back, they certainly
are not doing due diligence.  If you have gotten
through to HES (High End Servers) support, and they
can not figure out the problem they should be working
with CTE (engineering) to get this resolved.

Given the chance, *any* support organization would
push back to the customer if the system environment is
not "pristine" and to their liking.

When you get the AFSR errors, make sure you document
them and send them in to Sun Service.  They mean
something and Sun Service can decypher them.  Of
course, *any* panic dump is useful also.  I have full
trust in my friends there.  :)


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