[Orca-users] Re: higher rev rrdtool/perl/etc with orca

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sun Jun 30 23:32:55 PDT 2002

JV711 wrote:
> Hi All -
> orca 0.27b2 comes bundled with rrdtool 1.0.33 but my upgrade from
> Solaris 2.6 to 8 changed the path of perl from
> /usr/local/perl/bin/perl to the Solaris 8 default. In re-installing
> orca, I thought I'd be slick and graft in Tobi O's new rrdtool
> 1.0.39...
> Looks messy, .pm module version mismatch errors, etc. Have I bitten
> off more than I can chew? Does anybody here run newer versions the
> sub-components, or is Blair Z a one-man software QA team and I should
> just accept the bundled stuff as canonical?

That's funny :)

I'm now working on importing the Orca source code into subversion
source control system (see http://subversion.tigris.org ) and will
open it up to qualified developers for commit access.  While I'm
working on this, one of my goals is to upgrade Orca to use RRDtool
1.039.  I haven't done any work on this at all, so any info you can
provide would be welcome.

As far as I am aware, upgrading any of the other Perl packages to
their latest versions should work, except for Storable 2.0x, which
I also haven't tried.

By the way, I recommend using ActiveState Perl's latest build instead
of the one that comes with Solaris.  You can download a binary
install from


and then upgrade the packages in it with CPAN.


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