[Orca-users] uptime graph modified - keeper ?

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Apr 29 08:46:29 PDT 2003

Sean O'Neill wrote:
> Hey folks,
> I saw an eye-candy-ish uptime graph on someone else's Orca page for a Linux
> system (so I assume procallator does this by default).  So I tweaked my
> orcallator.cfg file for it.  Take a look:
> http://chivas.oneill.dhs.org/orca/o_chivas_gauge_uptime_per_86400,__uptime_per_(_86400_X_7_),__uptime_per_(_86400_X_30_).html
> or if your email client (or mine sending it) wraps the above URL terribly,
> use this:
> http://chivas.oneill.dhs.org/orca/
> And simple goto the "All" hyperlink for Uptime.
> Let me know if folks would like to keep it and I'll check the code into
> Subversion.

Hi Sean,

It's already in Subversion, both orcallator.cfg.in and procallator.cfg.in.


Blair Zajac <blair at orcaware.com>
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