[Orca-users] Re: Orca-users Digest, Vol 4, Issue 12

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Apr 29 13:57:06 PDT 2003

Blair Zajac wrote:
> "Jon A. Tankersley" wrote:
> >
> > Blair or Sean,
> >
> > It may already be there, but if not, could you create a 'snapshot' tarball
> > of what is in subversion?  We're unable to get subversion to work with our
> > firewalls so I can't get to anything.  Something weekly/monthly would probably
> > sufficient.  (and/or maybe a tarball of 'changes files for the last n-days').
> >
> > That would make it easier to get things like the eye candy for uptime.  That is neat.
> Is this because your firewall is blocking outgoing port 8000?
> Maybe I can set up a proxy server on port 80 on a new virtual host
> on my Apache 1 setup.
> The problem is that I run Apache 1.3.27 on port 80 and Apache 2 on
> port 8000, so I can't put Apache 2 on port 80.


Actually, proxying has been there for a while.

There are four different ways you can connect to the Subversion
repositories.  You can choose port 80 or port 8000 access, and you
can choose between HTML and XML viewing. 

The real Subversion server listens to port 8000, so that is the
ideal way to contact the server.  If you have a restrictive firewall
that prevents connecting to this port, you can connect to port 80,
which is a proxy server to port 8000.  I have had problems in the
past with using the proxy, so your mileage may vary. 

The second choice is only relevant for surfing the repository with
your browser. If you have a current browser that understands XML,
then you can surf the repository and get a nicer view of the
repository, otherwise you can use the HTML view. This choice is not
relevant for the Subversion client, but I've restricted commits to
the XML view, so make certain to check out any working copies using
the HTML URL. 

http://svn.orcaware.com:8000/repos/ http://svn.orcaware.com:8000/repos-xml/
http://svn.orcaware.com/repos/      http://svn.orcaware.com/repos-xml/


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