[Orca-users] Solaris & Linux together

rhfreeman at micron.com rhfreeman at micron.com
Tue Jul 1 08:12:50 PDT 2003

Hi folks,

I'm a bit curious. I've got a cluster of Solaris SPARC machines and
Linux x86 machine together that I'd like to monitor using Orca.
Currently only the Solaris machines are monitored, and that works fine.

I'm looking into use procallator to do the data collection under Linux.
These lines worry me about it's configuration though:

Procallator TODO list:
        - Use the same names for data sets as in solaris version for
using same config files

                - on the server, run orca using the exmple

And so does this previous post:


>From what I understand, it would make sense right now to have the Linux
& Solaris data go into their own areas, and have a copy of orca for each
area. That is a bit messy though, so is there anyway I could get them to
go together?



PS - Blair, Orca is a great piece of software!

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