[Orca-users] client install issues

Eric Swanson eric.swanson at recycled-greetings.com
Tue Jul 1 11:32:21 PDT 2003

I'm setting up a new client install of Orca on solaris 2.6 and have a few
questions as for how the data is split up. I have a host running orca on
solaris 9. It is running and monitoring itself just fine.  Now I set up the
client with NFS mounted to the host.  Works fine.  I have configured orca in
several different ways and have not yet been able to run orca correctly.
THe configure works properly, but I am not sure where to put the
directories.  On my last attempt i did:

./configure --with-var-dir=/mnt/orca/rrd/var --with-rrd-dir=/mnt/orca/rrd/rr
d --with-html-dir=/mnt/orca/html --bindir=/mnt/orca/bin --libdir=/mnt/orca/l

Now my big question is...  Where do I put the /bin and /lib directories.
Iwant to be able to run the:
./bin/orca -v ./lib/orcallator.cfg for both the host and the client on the
host.  There is no way to reach the clients orcallator.cfg without putting
it on the host or is their another way to do this?  Do most people just put
the html and rrd directories on the host?  If this is the case how do they
reach the client orcallator.cfg in the usr/local/lib directory.  Sorry for
the newbie question.

Eric Swanson

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