[Orca-users] multiple instances of "Disk Run Percent" graph

Ferris Matt-r45675 Matt.Ferris at motorola.com
Tue Sep 23 07:56:52 PDT 2003

There is a fix which seemed to work just fine for me. See:


What I am trying to find now is how to get rid of or extract all
the old Veritas snapshot data entries out of the messy disk related
web graphs. Seems like there is some internal tracking of this and
strings and greps for "snapshot" does not find the culprit.

If anyone has any ideas, I'm open.


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> Subject: [Orca-users] multiple instances of "Disk Run Percent" graph
> >I found some documentation on the disk run percent graphs. It reads:
> >
> >"There is a known bug with Orca version 0.27 and below that causes
> >it to generate multiple versions of this plot. The problem 
> is due to the
> >way Orca does >internal bookkeeping of the different disks it has
> >seen and ends up generating different lists of disks from different 
> source 
> >files that are not placed in the same >plot."
> >
> >I am using version 0.27b2.
> Will version 0.27b3 take care of this problem?  Is there in 
> fact a fix for 
> it?
> Thank you,
> Jeff
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