[Orca-users] multiple instances of "Disk Run Percent" graph

jeffrey.p.miller at kodak.com jeffrey.p.miller at kodak.com
Tue Sep 23 02:50:43 PDT 2003

>I found some documentation on the disk run percent graphs. It reads:
>"There is a known bug with Orca version 0.27 and below that causes 
>it to generate multiple versions of this plot. The problem is due to the
>way Orca does >internal bookkeeping of the different disks it has
>seen and ends up generating different lists of disks from different 
>files that are not placed in the same >plot."
>I am using version 0.27b2.

Will version 0.27b3 take care of this problem?  Is there in fact a fix for 

Thank you,


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