[Orca-users] status.pl by JDK [was Re: Orca License]

kim.taylor at pnc.com kim.taylor at pnc.com
Mon Sep 29 14:06:05 PDT 2003

On Mon, 29 Sep 2003 <matt.garrett at shell.com> wrote:

>I would add that we have also been using on more than just Sun systems.
>e.g AIX and Irix clients using the status.pl by JDK

Please tell me more about this "status.pl by JDK" reference.

Google landed me on something to do with the OpenNMS.org project -- is that

I need something soon for use in monitoring Linux system performance
(presumably Orca compatible.) I'm not entirely comfortable with
procallator.pl as it stands.

Also, with the SE Toolkit dying on the vine, it would seem the core (?)
Orca users monitoring Solaris will need a replacement for orcallator.se
come Solaris 10.  I think it's not  too soon to be concerned with landing a

The ideal long sought after on this list has been a OS-independent data
gatherer.  Again,  I don't see procallator.pl fitting the bill without
substantially more development and the pace seems wanting.

What are others thinking along these lines?


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