[Orca-users] Interface Statistics

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Thu Apr 22 10:46:33 PDT 2004

> John Richardson wrote:
> Hello,
> Is orcallator.se giving interface statistics in KiloBytes or
> KiliBits per second.  I noticed that in orcallator.se it is using:
> InKB nomenclature which at first glance looks like KiloBytes.
> However, on the orcaware web site, the graphs show it in Kilobits.
> Also, does the data include the overhead of ethernet such as CRC
> or is it just the actual payload data of Ethernet on the interface?

Hello John,

The data is measured in KiloBytes.  If you look at the orcallator.cfg
file, you'll see this:

# Interface bits per second for 1 Gbit interfaces.
plot {
title               %g Interface Bits Per Second: $1
source              orcallator
data                1024 * 8 * ((?:(?:ce)|(?:fjge)|(?:v?ge)|(?:skge))\d+)InKB/s
data                1024 * 8 * $1OuKB/s

So the data is being converted into bits per second and then
plotted.  RRDtool will then scale the data correctly to the maximum
value.  The data you're looking at probably maxes out in the Kilobit

I believe the data being measured is just what the kernel sends
out on to the interface.


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