[Orca-users] Orca to AIX 4.3.3 !

MORAIS Alan Paulo apmorais at sonae.pt
Fri Apr 23 02:35:33 PDT 2004

Hi Orc's !


I try install ORCA on my AIX machines, but I can't start ORCA correctly because I get an error on RRD !


Can you help me to discover where is the error when I start orca on my AIX machine ?


1º I download "orca-0.27.tar.gz"

2º install Perl + GCC

3º  use the "INSTALL" help to compile the modules

I don't get errors !


I already install "orca-aix-stat.pl" to collect the data to orcallator directory, but the RRD files are not created when I start ORCA !


[root at ibmtur02]/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/bin#./orca -v ../lib/orcallator.cfg

Orca version 0.265 using RRDs version 1.000401 at Thu Apr 22 17:48:05 2004.

Loading state from `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/orca.state'.

Creating orca_logo.gif.

Creating rrdtool_logo.gif.

Creating rothschild_image_logo.png.

Finding files and setting up data structures at Thu Apr 22 17:48:05 2004.

root     29810  0.0  0.0 3676 3984  pts/1 A    17:48:05  0:00 perl -w # -*- per

root     23336  0.0  0.0  216  252  pts/1 A    17:48:05  0:00 grep 29810

Current running time is 0:00 minutes.

Loading new data from group orcallator for ibmtur02.

  Read     1 data point from `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/orcallator/ibmtur02/percol-2004-04-22-1528'.

Flushing new data and updating PNGs from ibmtur02.

  Creating RRD `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_15runq.rrd'.

./orca: RRDs::create error: `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_15runq.rrd' start time: unparsable time:

  Creating RRD `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_1runq.rrd'.

./orca: RRDs::create error: `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_1runq.rrd' step size should be no less than one second

  Creating RRD `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_5runq.rrd'.

./orca: RRDs::create error: `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_5runq.rrd' can't parse argument '/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_5runq.rrd'

Saving state into `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/orca.state'.




Paulo Morais.



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