[Orca-users] Orca to AIX 4.3.3 !

Rajesh Verma Rajesh.Verma at PalmettoHealth.org
Wed Apr 28 07:19:45 PDT 2004

Hi Paulo,

I never tried ORCA on AIX server. There are limited help for other packages like RRD etc. check  www.bullfreeware.com

For Linux you can get all the help you need and all the packaged needed.

I will suggest to install ORCA on Linux and just run AIX collecter script on the AIX servers.


>>> "MORAIS Alan Paulo" <apmorais at sonae.pt> 4/23/2004 5:35:33 AM >>>
Hi Orc's !


I try install ORCA on my AIX machines, but I can't start ORCA correctly because I get an error on RRD !


Can you help me to discover where is the error when I start orca on my AIX machine ?


1º I download "orca-0.27.tar.gz"

2º install Perl + GCC

3º  use the "INSTALL" help to compile the modules

I don't get errors !


I already install "orca-aix-stat.pl" to collect the data to orcallator directory, but the RRD files are not created when I start ORCA !


[root at ibmtur02]/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/bin#./orca -v ../lib/orcallator.cfg

Orca version 0.265 using RRDs version 1.000401 at Thu Apr 22 17:48:05 2004.

Loading state from `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/orca.state'.

Creating orca_logo.gif.

Creating rrdtool_logo.gif.

Creating rothschild_image_logo.png.

Finding files and setting up data structures at Thu Apr 22 17:48:05 2004.

root     29810  0.0  0.0 3676 3984  pts/1 A    17:48:05  0:00 perl -w # -*- per

root     23336  0.0  0.0  216  252  pts/1 A    17:48:05  0:00 grep 29810

Current running time is 0:00 minutes.

Loading new data from group orcallator for ibmtur02.

  Read     1 data point from `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/orcallator/ibmtur02/percol-2004-04-22-1528'.

Flushing new data and updating PNGs from ibmtur02.

  Creating RRD `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_15runq.rrd'.

./orca: RRDs::create error: `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_15runq.rrd' start time: unparsable time:

  Creating RRD `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_1runq.rrd'.

./orca: RRDs::create error: `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_1runq.rrd' step size should be no less than one second

  Creating RRD `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_5runq.rrd'.

./orca: RRDs::create error: `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_5runq.rrd' can't parse argument '/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/o_ibmtur02/gauge_5runq.rrd'

Saving state into `/u2/dbbck/INSTOrca/orca/b/var/rrd/orcallator/orca.state'.




Paulo Morais.



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