[Orca-users] Hi, I´m a new user here

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Tue Apr 27 12:49:23 PDT 2004

marmth at ig.com.br wrote:
>   I put in find_files the directory where I installed rrdtool.
>   Sorry but I don´t understand what I have to do in find_files .
>    Please, Could you tell me step by step what I have to put in find_files?
> If I have to create the RRDTOOL database first or not, or if I have to
> install another packet first.
>    Thanks for your attention.
>    Best,
>    Marcos Maia

The find_files setting expects to find data files generated by a
data gathering tool.  There are several supplied with Orca.  If
you're running Solaris, you can use orcallator.se to generate your
data.  If you're running Linux, use procallator.  Once you get this
tools running, then you use find_files to tell Orca where to find
the data files.

Both orcallator.se and procallator are in the Orca distribution.


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