[Orca-users] Hi, I´m a new user here

marmth at ig.com.br marmth at ig.com.br
Tue Apr 27 14:47:28 PDT 2004

  Thanks Blair, 

       I found the procallator and tomorow I will run it. 
       As sun as I runned procallator I´ll try run orca again and I´ll post 
new message here . 

       Marcos Maia 

>The find_files setting expects to find data files generated >by a data 
gathering tool.  There are several supplied with >Orca. If you're running 
Solaris, you can use orcallator.se >to generate your data. If you're running 
Linux, use >procallator.  Once you get this tools running, then you use 
>find_files to tell Orca where to find the data files. 
>Both orcallator.se and procallator are in the Orca >distribution. 

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