[Orca-users] Graph times are wrong

Bill Gunter bgunter at arcsystems.com
Mon Aug 2 15:12:03 PDT 2004

I don't recall ever having a problem with this, but this is first time
I've really used orca in "once-only" mode. Anyway, I'm graphing data
with an interval of one day. Each datum has a timestamp of 00:00:00. The
graph shows that the last data entered was at 00:00:00 each day, but the
graph goes from 19:00 to 19:00 instead. A dump of the rrd shows a
timestamp of 19:00 for each datum. The timezone on the machine happens
to be CDT, five hours behind UTC, but I know the timestamps are in UTC,
otherwise the "last data entered" wouldn't show 00:00:00, right?

I'm at a loss.

Bill Gunter
Unix Administrator
ARC Systems
P: 512.358.5377
F: 512.892.5552

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