[Orca-users] URL problems with certain graphs?

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Mon Aug 9 10:16:30 PDT 2004

I think it doesn't like those files because of the %[number] 
combinations, actually.  I believe %## is interpreted on the web server 
side as a special character.  For instance, oftentimes you'll see %20 in 
the URL where a space is in the desired filename.

To try and reproduce your error, I renamed one of my test html files to 
match your original filename, which I figure to be something like this:


(replaced the png extension with html), and was able to load it up in 
Mozilla 1.7, IE 6.0, and FireFox 0.9.  To access the file, since it had 
such a long name, I browsed to the parent directory (browse-contents 
turned on at the Apache server level), then clicked on the link for the 
file, and it worked like a charm in all 3 cases, but only because the 
web browser translated the \'s, |'s, ?'s, and []'s into % replacements.  
However, when I tried to be more explicit about the URL by cut&pasting 
the /actual/ filename into the URL field (after the parent URL, of 
cuorse), it failed with a

404:  "The requested URL 
/~dmichael/citrix/o_prd20_gauge_volatile_disk_runp_(( was not found on 
this server."

Note the lack of any characters in the filename past the ?.  That's 
because the ? is a special character, used with CGI scripts and the like.

Here's how the webserver translated your filename so it would be browsable:


This should pretty much match what you had in your URL.  All 3 of my 
browsers were able to browse the above filename, using Apache on the 
server end.

Many of my files have this syntax in them (with ?'s and \'s and the 
like), and I have no problem browsing to any of them.  What error do you 
get when you try to browse to that URL?


Joel D. Cohen wrote:

>Hi all,
>I've got a problem with IE and Firefox not being able to show some graph images because the URL for them has weird characters in it. Here is an example of one graph that is not showing up:
>My guess is that it's because of the \ characters. Anyone else run into this and know how to fix it?
>I'm running Orca 0.28 dev 380 on Solaris 8.
>Joel Cohen
>System Administrator
>Davis, Polk & Wardwell
>Orca-users mailing list
>Orca-users at orcaware.com



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