[Orca-users] AIX monitors for Orca

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Thu Aug 19 11:56:44 PDT 2004

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Rajesh Verma wrote:

>I am running nmon on some of my major AIX erver and I have compaired the
>orca script data with the nmon data, there are differences. The orca
>perl script uses vmstat.
>What David is doing, tieing up directly with kernel give more right
>I am sending nmon data and the graphs. Only problem with nmon is that
>its not automated like orca and its need windows excel to create the
>It will be great to have some thing orca can graph it directly from the

Yes, we're also using nmon here, as well, but as you say, it's got quite 
a bit of manual intervention to get it into graph format.  I think nmon 
is a lot more intrusive than just snagging kernel statistics, but it 
looks like it can collect and graph on a lot of data.

The modified AIX orcallator results in graphs that represent about 50% 
or so of what the Sun orcallator reports on Solaris 8 (I've noticed my 
new Solaris 9 machines are not reporting on some statistics, like CPU 
usage, with the same code and configuration files the Solaris 8 boxes 
are using -- going to have to look into that).

My goal in tweaking the AIX orcallator is to get it to produce (nearly) 
the same set of data the Sun orcallator produces.  The one notable thing 
that's missing is the "Overview", which makes sense, since the Crockroft 
factors may not apply to other platforms.




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