[Orca-users] Orca on Panther

Blair Zajac blair at orcaware.com
Sat Aug 21 16:06:35 PDT 2004

Scott Stoddard wrote:

> I've been running Orca on several Mac OS X 10.2.x (Jaguar) servers 
> with a data gathering tool called Macollator for over a year now and 
> everything has been running great.

Hi Scott,

I've never heard of Macollator before and a Google search shows no web 
sites.  Where does one get it?  Is the spelling correct?  I've love to 
get a copy since I've got a number of OS X boxes.

> Now however, I tried running the same installation on my Mac OS X 10.3 
> (Panther) box (actually last March, just getting around to fixing 
> this!) which has Perl 5.8.1 installed and (it seems to me anyway) a 
> built in RRDs module.

The built in Perl does not have RRDs.  Did you copy the RRDs over from 
an older Perl?  If you had RRDs on 10.2, then it was compiled against 
perl 5.6.0 and you shouldn't use the same compiled module on a 10.3 box.

Try running this and see what you get:

perl -MRRDs -e 'print $RRDs::VERSION, "\n"'

Fink has rrdtool 1.0.48 and I just finished some patches to Fink's .info 
files to make 1.0.49, which I'll be submitting shortly.  I

> So anyway, first off the script won't work. So a Perl expert I know (I 
> am NOT one) said I had to recompile the script and maybe the modules 
> for the new version of Perl. Cool. So I visit orcaware.com and get the 
> 0.27 build. Configure runs okay, but make fails. I stumble around and 
> find a note by Blair saying he fixed a few things and among them is 
> perl bindings on OS X. Cool, so I go get the trunk from his subversion 
> (as directed, I thought) and I innocently run autogen.sh to get a 
> configure script, then I try it with the same --with-html-dir= etc 
> etc... and configure dies when it starts trying to work the rrdtool 
> stuff, telling me I need Autoconf 2.58 or higher.
> I can't find an Autoconf 2.58 for OS X. Can anybody help me? Fink 
> offers an Autoconf 2.54... is that good enough? Do I need anything 
> else? Am I even on the right track? Has anybody ever configured and 
> installed Orca on a Mac OS X 10.3.x?

The unstable branch of Fink has autoconf 2.59 and rrdtool.

$ fink list autoconf2.5
Information about 3851 packages read in 3 seconds.
     autoconf2.5      2.59-6       System for generating configure scripts
     autoconf2.54     2.54-3       System for generating configure scripts

I'm working on getting Orca installed on OS X and am also running into 
some issues that need to be fixed.  One of them is that to make my life 
easy, I require the latest Perl packages that Orca requires (such as 
Digest::MD5).  But installing these packages into /usr or /sw isn't nice 
if you've got package management, so I think I'll have these packages 
installed into Orca's lib directory and it can find them there.

BTW, I've put into Fink several of the Perl modules that Orca needs, 
such as version-pm581.  I've also got to get math-interval-search in.


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