[Orca-users] Problem/fix building snapshot r380

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Wed Aug 25 11:12:46 PDT 2004

Jon Tankersley wrote:

> Good point, the tool has to distinguish between CSV commas and number 
> commas.  I don't know for sure if Perfmon puts quotes around 
> comma-filled data elements.  Double check that.  If you have an 
> partial extraction you can send to the group that might help, not 
> everybody has that format.

Actually, perfmon produces quoted column output, tab separated (tsv).  
Thus, each header is enclosed in quotes, and each value is encapsulated 
in quotes.  So, commas as mantissa/<uhh..number> separators shouldn't 
cause a problem in parsing the fields.

> There are LOTS of problems with the perfmon data that we've seen 
> empirically - very strange data in headings including null bytes when 
> an installation didn't do 'everything' correctly (of course that was 
> in one system out of 4, so.... who knows what the problems were).

Ick.  The script that translates perfmon files into regular orca files 
sounds more useful every email I read.  Although it'll be annoying to 
have to re-run that script on old data whenever it needs to be 
processed.  There might be a way to pipeline that ..

> <> You also get NIC names that can be 20-30 characters in length.  
> This causes havoc with the legends, etc.  These appear to be set by 
> the vendor of the hardware, not by Microsoft, so things can and do get 
> messy.

Yay.  I've already seen some weird ones from 3Com, but winallator seems 
to handle it okay the first time 'round.  Second time is not so fun, 
though -- blowing away the HTML directory fixes it.  I'm tempted to 
track down what's causing it, and post it as a patch, but I bet the 
winallator guys are way ahead of me. :)




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