[Orca-users] ORCA on solaris, AIx, Linux...

Jon Tankersley jon.tankersley at eds.com
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By orcallator.se you mean SEToolkit (package RICHPse from
SEToolkit, while not required to 'graph' things, is require to 'gather'
information, unless you use procallator on your Solaris system.  Otherwise
all your Solaris systems will need to have SEToolkit installed (appropriate
versions are available from the site above).  Orca contains the necessary
AIX collector and Procallator can be used on RedHat with few problems (some
tweaking, depending on version, patchlevel, OS bit size (32/64), etc.).

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I am new to ORCA. We are setting up ORCA on a Solaris 9 system to gather
CPU, Memory, Disk statistics from AIX 5x, RH Linux & Solaris 8 clients.

By downloading the Orca & Sun orcalator.se would be enough?
or do I need to down load any other libraries? Like net-snmp, libpng, gd

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