[Orca-users] Question about orca.. help me..

이명희 pillia at windysoft.net
Fri Feb 6 20:07:29 PST 2004

I got your email at this site 'https://www.lug.udel.edu'
May I ask you a question about orca(monitoring tool)?
Please help me.
I have Red Hat 9.0 running on my intel box.
I did install 'rrdtool-1.0.46.tar.gz' and 'orca-0.27b3.tar.gz'.
And I ran '/usr/local/bin/orca -v /usr/local/lib/orcallator.cfg'
(I didn't install SE toolkit. README says => that is optional except Solaris.)

 * This is the result !!!
 Orca version 0.265 using RRDs version 1.000461 at Sat Feb  7 12:48:41 2004.
 Loading state from `/usr/local/apache/htdocs/rrd/rrd_files/orca.state'.
 Creating orca_logo.gif.
 Creating rrdtool_logo.gif.
 Creating rothschild_image_logo.png.
 Finding files and setting up data structures at Sat Feb  7 12:48:41 2004.
 /usr/local/bin/orca: warning: no files found for `find_files' for `group orcallator' in `/usr/local/lib/orcallator.cfg'.
 root     17364 64.0  0.5  9760 5176 pts/2    S    12:48   0:00 /usr/bin/perl -w # -*- perl -*- /usr/local/bin/orca -v /usr/local/lib/orcallator.cfg
 Current running time is 0:00 minutes.
 /usr/local/orca/bin/orca: no data files found.  Make sure `find_files' parameter is set properly.

(And 'orca.state' was not created. so I did create 'orca.state' myself.)
What is the procedure for Linux? Do I need to create the CONFIG FILE or myself other than orcallator.cfg?
Or do I need to install orcallator.se ?
What did I miss?

At the mailling-list give notice : Go to 'http://www.lug.udel.edu/orca/' and follow the instructions in the procollator file there.
But 'http://www.lug.udel.edu/orca/' page not found.

Please help....!!!!
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