Svar: [Orca-users] Using orca on HP - Timestamps question

Tommy Henriksen tommy_henriksen at
Wed Feb 11 06:52:29 PST 2004

Hi Phillip,

The RRdtool I use stores the time in UTC (seconds since 1970). I log
some extra data on my orca, printing the timestamp in my orcallector*
files. The timestamp I get is using the perl function time. I haven't
found other unix commands, - doing the job.

Best regards /Tommy

>>> "Philip Harris" <pharris at> 00:37:24 11-02-2004 >>>
I have installed and configured orca to run on an HP-UX 11.x system. I
pulling data from HP Measureware (their PerfView license is through
roof!) and feeding it into the RRD successfully and am getting
charts out.

My question is regarding the time displayed on the X axis. I understand
RDDTool stores the data in GMT. Shouldn't the charts be produced with
x-axis reflecting the local time zone? In my case, the x-axis is
in GMT rather than CST - all despite $TZ being set correctly - which
somewhat confusing to those viewing the chart. Is this expected
behavior, or
am I overlooking something?

Thanks for any input!

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