[Orca-users] Howto INSTALL ORCA on cygwin

mian at vip.cybercity.dk mian at vip.cybercity.dk
Wed Feb 11 11:37:46 PST 2004

Hello All

A resend of the ORCA on cygwin install howto.

Comment: I have only tested this howto on Windows NT4.0, but I havn't heard 
of any problem from people has gotten it directly from me.


1. Install cygwin with:
   gcc, make, m4 and perl
2. In cygwin do: (this step was made with version 1.22 of cygwin)
   cd /
   chmod -R a+r
   chmod -R a+x /bin /usr/bin /sbin /usr/sbin /usr/local/bin

3. Prepare to build ORCA
   get ORCA-tarball
   In cygwin:
   tar -zvxf orca-0.27.tar.gz  (You may have another version) 
   cd orca-0.27
   cd packages
   only do this if the version of Time-Hires is below 1.43
      rm -rf Time-Hires-1.38
      get Time-Hires-1.43 or newer
   cd ..   

4. Build ORCA and modules
   CFLAGS='-DPNG_STATIC -g' ./configure --with-html-dir=XXX
   make install
   cd lib
   make install
   cd ../src
   make install

5. Make fixes to function under cygwin perl
   fix 1:
   in Utils.pm in line 208 insert $path =~ s:/{2,}:/:g in sub recursive_dir
   fix 2:
   in Utils.pm in line 182 change
   foreach my $new_dir (grep { $_ ne '..' and -d "$current_dir/$_" } @matches 
   grep { $_ ne '..' and -d "$current_dir/$_" } @matches;
   foreach my $new_dir (@matches) {


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