[Orca-users] Re: How to view hourly chart of previious day

Rajesh Verma Rajesh.Verma at PalmettoHealth.org
Tue Feb 17 12:34:52 PST 2004

Is there any adhoc or a way to view graphs of previous hour or previous day , view it by date option?


>>> kpatel at familypatel.com 2/16/2004 8:55:08 PM >>>
It is better to install both packages locally and then rdist, rsync, sftp,
ftp or rcp rrd databases files from all servers to be monitored to a central
server from which graphs are created and viewed from....

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Shea Martin wrote:
> I am going throught the "INSTALL" document that comes in the orca
> package.  I am on 10.e) Run start_orcallator on all systems you want to
> watch and run.
> I installed orca to a NFS share on my machine.  The 'start_orcallator'
> runs fine on my machine, but when I log into the other machines, the
> command fails because I have not installed the se tool kit on them.
> Is the solution to install the se tool kit on all these machines?


> Or do I need to install orca locally on all these machines too?


> What are the minimal set of binarys and libs I need If I were going to
> install the se
> toolkit on our networks bin-dir and lib-dir (already in everyone's

Hmmm, I don't have that list handy.  There shouldn't be all that much.


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