[Orca-users] memory stats

Darren Dunham ddunham at taos.com
Wed Feb 18 17:16:53 PST 2004

> I believe that the information on Orca's homepage at
> http://www.orcaware.com/orca/docs/orcallator.html#memory_free is somewhat
> dated.  In particular, I believe it describes Solaris behavior for versions
> 6 and 7.  Solaris 8 introduced a new VM design that does not follow the
> graph explanations.  My reference is primarily
> http://sunsolve.sun.com/pub-cgi/show.pl?target=content/content8
> Solaris 8 reports free memory differently, and in a way that as I understand
> it means free memory should not decrease over time.  Basically, the
> difference from before is that Solaris 8 includes the in-memory file system
> cache as free memory.  Also, it should be pointed out that Solaris 8 memory
> page scan rates should be 0.  If it is higher than zero then you are in
> trouble and should buy more memory.

Replacing "buy more memory" with "figure out why that's happening", and
I think you're right on with your descriptions.

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