[Orca-users] time to process .bz2 files

jeffrey.p.miller at kodak.com jeffrey.p.miller at kodak.com
Fri Feb 20 09:51:54 PST 2004

Orca: Version 0.27b2
Orcallator: Version 1.37
SE Toolkit: Version 3.3.1

I have begun to use the orcallator.cfg config file:


and kicked orca off as follows:

<path>/orca -o -v <path>orcallator.cfg 

So far, I see a lot of this type of message:
Read   111 data points from 

Only problem is that I have only seen 99 .bz2 files processed in 4 hours 
and I have 14,000 .bz2 files to process.  From my calculations, this 
process will take 12.5 days to complete. 

The system typically runs at 90-99% iowait when it is processing orca 
files (with old .cfg file and also with new .cfg file).

It's a very underpowered system:
128Mb RAM
333MHz CPU

The only thing that's different with this orcallator.cfg file and my old 
one is that it includes the "System Overview" graph.
If I use my old orcallator.cfg file, it takes about 4 hours to process the 
data for all of my servers (23 at the moment).

Does using this new orcallator.cfg file force orca to go back over all of 
the previous .bz2 files while the old .cfg file (run twice daily via cron) 
was not going over every .bz2 file each and every day?



Jeffrey P. Miller
Eastman Kodak Company / R&D IT&M
Tel. 585 47-77824 / FAX: 585 47-72983
jeffrey.p.miller at kodak.com

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