[Orca-users] Perl modules: cc vs. gcc

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Tue Jan 18 09:02:44 PST 2005

I just downloaded and tried building 411 on my stock Solaris 8 machine.  
When it goes to build DProf, it dies because it's trying to use 'cc' 
instead of 'gcc' (even though 'configure' discovered 'gcc', and made no 
mention of 'cc' anywhere).  I'm sure this is because DProf's Makefile is 
generated using Makefile.PL, but does anyone know how to override how CC 
gets populated in the resulting Makefile without actually going in and 
manually editing it after it's generated?  I could just symlink 'cc' to 
'gcc' where 'gcc' lives, thus faking it out, but there ought to be a way 
on the 'configure' line for Orca to specify what compiler to use for the 
Perl modules, and then somehow trickle that down into the modules' 

Although 'configure' finds 'gcc' with no problem, because it's the first 
thing in my path, even doing:

    env CC=gcc ./configure [blah blah blah]

results in CC getting set to 'cc' in the Perl module Makefiles.



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