[Orca-users] monthly reports

David Michaels dragon at raytheon.com
Tue Jan 18 09:11:27 PST 2005

James Bond wrote:

> Hi,
> I have setup ORCA on RedHat 9. It is working fine, but I am having 
> trouble generating reports. ORCA displays the monthly reports (graphs) 
> but it is in the format of weeks. If I want to see a graph for 
> January, 2004, then how would I configure ORCA?
> Can you please suggest some external tool or script which can generate 
> history graphs based on the user selction i.e. months etc.

You can start with RRDcgi 
It's more of a tool than an application, though, and will require some 
HTML designing to create an appropriate form to feed into a template, 
which in turn is fed to the script.  I haven't tried using it, I just 
read the manpage, but that's how I would first go about implementing 
something like what you're talking about.  I may even do it for my own 
edification, as I now have more than a year's worth of data, and it may 
be worthwhile to reference historical performance later on.

> Thanks
> Jerry

You're welcome, Mister Bond. ;)


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